100 Day Project – Day 36, Book mail is the best mail

We don’t get a lot of mail. Even though I foolishly check the mailbox at least twice a day we can go weeks without getting anything. When we do it is usually appointment notices from the Tom Baker Cancer Center (I know, I know, they are very much behind the times on that front) or letters from our Member of Parliament. But the last two weeks have seen a windfall of kindness arrive in our mailbox. I keep telling our girls that if they want to get mail they have to send mail but that doesn’t seem to motivate us to write more letters – something I am hoping to remedy soon.

What is even better than regular mail you ask? Why, book mail of course!

The first parcel to arrive came last week. A woman I have kind-of known for years through knitting and blogging circles asked if I wanted an extra pair of circular needles for sock knitting because she had too many. I said yes, of course, and eagerly awaited them. Then she saw my Literary Witch post about not having any Virginia Woolf books in the house and added a copy of A Room of One’s Own to the package. Of course the day after she went to the post office I wrote about having found a copy of this book on our bookshelf but, to be honest, this version is prettier so I will keep it and pass my other copy along to someone else. (Or return it to a Little Free Library where I think is how I got it in the first place.)

Ingrid from Gladstone Press – a new (2018) Canadian publishing company whose tagline is Old Books, New Looks – contacted me and asked if she could send me a copy of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. This arrived yesterday and reader it is luscious. The paper is so nice I made everyone in the house touch it (with clean hands of course) and kept rubbing it on my face so I could feel the softness. Mister said it was the paper equivalent of 300 Thread Count sheets. (Do we even know what that feels like? I’m not sure). Ingrid is not paying me to tell you all this as she gifted the book to me out of kindness but I’m just THAT into paper that I feel justified in rambling on about it. (As a child I had a large paper collection. I just really like pretty paper.)

There is even a map of Clarrisa Dalloway’s journey through London. I don’t know if this is a normal thing for copies of Mrs Dalloway to have but I was suitably impressed. I compare this new publishing house to such high quality imprints like Persephone Books and Virago Modern Classics – except it is Canadian which makes a big difference to the pocket books of those of us who would like to be collectors of high quality classics but can’t actually afford to be. (Although I do spend an inordinate amount of time on the Persephone and Virago websites window shopping.)

The Gladstone Press blog also linked to a really interesting article about The joy of reading Mrs Dalloway during lockdown which is well worth the read and has put this book at the top of my reading pile (I won’t lie, the feel of the paper helped a lot with that decision).

Last week I also received a copy of Winter Wren by Theresa Kishkan whose blog I have been enjoying for years. Theresa and I recently had a couple online conversations about the joys of novellas and she kindly sent me this one. I didn’t realize until she sent it that she and a partner have their own small publishing house called Fish Gotta Swim Editions that specializes in novellas. I’m not going to talk about this much yet because I plan to do a full review once I have read the book.

(These current blog posts are part of my #100dayproject and are written quickly and posted without significant editing. They are what they are, mistakes and all. Much like me.)

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