100 Day Project, Day 22 – More Cake

I kinda want to say, “this week’s cake is…” but it is only Tuesday and there are five of us so half the cake is already gone. So today’s cake is the Pumpkin Apple Upside Down Cake from the Minimalist Baker‘s cookbook (which I have taken out of the library many times but don’t own – which I should really remedy although her website is an amazing resource of recipes).

We decided to take a break from: working (Mister), playing on the Switch (all the girls – Moira’s main birthday present Animal Crossing just arrived yesterday so it is a very exciting day in our house), and laying down on a heat pad (me) to have tea together outside. I think tea and cake breaks are a necessity to our mental health right now.

Moira is trying her hand at creating recipes these days that she hopes to enter in to a competition. This morning we were treated to this: Apple Pie Vanilla Chia Parfait:

The use of the glass jar is purely for aesthetic reasons – this was a lot of parfait and Moira and I ended up splitting it. Everyone else ate theirs in small bowls. I’m already teaching her the “life skill” of taking photos of your food I guess. The day isn’t over either – we still have plans to make pumpkin buns (because I opened a big can of pumpkin) and possibly have a cookout later if the wind can contain itself (we have been trying to do this for a couple days but no one likes a fire outside in the wind.)

I know everyone who has a bit of free time between working from home and attempting to contain children and fitting in homeschooling and lessons is making sourdough bread and baking their way through this pandemic – but I honestly can’t think of anything I want to do more than bake and eat cake right now. I usually say I’m not even a fan of cake. I think it really depends on the type of cake though and I’m willing to expand my boundaries. Still haven’t made the Onigiri yet but the Mister got some mushrooms on his last trip to the grocery store so I think I will marinate them tomorrow and give that a try as long as my body will let me. I might pull out the fake chick’un from Hearts Choices (locally made plant-based meats and other goodies) and use that to stuff the Onigiri too. Cooking and feeding my family makes me happy even if I can barely stand upright at times. Fake it ’till you make it, right?

(These current blog posts are part of my #100dayproject and are written quickly and posted without significant editing. They are what they are, mistakes and all. Much like me.)

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