100 Day Project, Days 17 thru 19 – Cake

I’ve been having weird food cravings lately. Maybe not even cravings – more like fixations? I’ve been really wanting to make sushi rolls for the past two weeks but I’ve been in too much pain to do much of anything (especially anything that calls for standing for any length of time). And then my mum mentioned that she had made a cinnamon loaf and I immediately wanted to make a cinnamon coffee cake of some sort. Today, with a lot of help from Moira, I managed to accomplish this task. I followed the Cinnamon Streusel Cake by Vegan Richa. The only alterations I made were using all whole wheat flour and adding pecans to the streusel topping.

I also started thinking longingly of the Onigiri that we by from a small vendor at the Salt Spring Saturday Market when we have traveled to Salt Spring Island, B.C. They are always so fresh and delicious (and meat free) and come with a wonderfully umami miso dip. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. Anyway, this resulted in my watching videos today trying to figure out if I can make them at home. Someone pointed me towards a video thread of author Hiromi Goto giving a short demonstration on how to make them on Twitter. So not only is she a wonderful author but she is now my inspiration to make these and since I wanted to make them with mushrooms (like one of the ones I get on Salt Spring Island), I’m going to have to call them a Chorus of Mushroom Onigiri in honour of Hiromi’s brilliant novel.

“I like cooking because it is so rewarding,” said Moira about five minutes ago. I have to agree.

(These current blog posts are part of my #100dayproject and are written quickly and posted without significant editing. They are what they are, mistakes and all. Much like me.)

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