100 Day Project, Day 14

The sock matches The Order of the Phoenix. I’m almost done the body of the sock – just three more sections to go. I feel like the further I go in the pattern the more ridiculous we are trying to make the colours.

This will probably be the last time I read The Order of the Phoenix aloud. I’m currently reading it to Oonagh and it is her first time hearing it. I always said I wanted to read all of the Harry Potter books to my girls and so far I have – only two left to go after this one and we aren’t taking breaks anymore because she is old enough (for most of it) and because people keep telling her what happens anyway. It’s always a fun read aloud. It would have been interesting if I had started keeping track years ago of how many times I’ve read these books. I’m sure it is in the double digits.

Had radiation today. Ate lunch outside. Wore sandals for the first time in forever. Even being in constant pain is better when the weather is nice.

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