$10 date night

The Mister’s parents looked after Moira Saturday night and we got to go on an actual date. (The second one this month in fact!) Last night we went to the cheap theatre to see WALL-E, this web a movie we had both been excited about since seeing the trailer came out.

In the early 22nd century, neuropathologist the megacorporation “Buy n Large” assumed every economic service on Earth, cost including the government. Overrun by un-recycled waste, the planet eventually became so polluted that it could no longer support life. Buy n Large CEO Shelby Forthright developed a plan that would have humans spend the next five years aboard fully-automated starliners, while an army of “WALL-E” robots would compact the waste into skyscraper-like towers for easy disposal. However, the plan largely failed, and thus Forthright had the starliners stay their courses until Earth was made habitable again. For the next 700 years humanity continued to live aboard the starliners for several generations, with the micro-gravity causing a loss of bone mass leading to humans becoming too obese to do anything without the help of robotic assistance; even piloting the ships is handled by their individual computerized autopilots. On Earth, all of the WALL-E units have failed except for one; this remaining unit still performs his duties but, after centuries of prolonged activation, has achieved a form of sentience, collecting interesting knickknacks, befriending a cockroach, and watching an old videotape of Hello, Dolly! to learn about human emotions including love.

The movie is probably a little too sticky-sweet for some people – especially those who are sick of things with an environmental message (of which I am encountering a number of these days as one person told me “I won’t even wear a green shirt anymore I’m so sick of hearing about the environment!” Um, yeah, go away haters.) Personally, we thought it was very fun and tongue-in-cheek and I didn’t think the message was over-the-top at all. There is one scene where WALL-E and Eve are in his “home” and they pass by a fish mounted on the wall and it starts singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and while it made me laugh it also reminded me that there is a lot of pointless crap produced in this world that is never going to break down! (A bit of a peeve of mine.)

It was so nice to be out of the house with just each other doing something we used to do all the time (the cheap theatre that is – we are too cheap to pay full price for a movie).

Of course, the irony that we left the kid at home to go on a date and see… a kids movie, was not lost on us. So while we may be evil TV-hating parents there is a good chance that Moira is going to get to see a lot of kids movies in the cheap theatre.

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